Next SAPEA food-focused webinar coming soon

“Food policy at a time of crisis: what should the future look like?” is the theme of the next SAPEA webinar on food, which will take place on 16 October at 14:00 CET. 

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The global crisis of 2020 has made every one of us aware that ‘business as usual’ is not an option for future food policy. How have we arrived at where we are now, in terms of food policy, especially in Europe? What would a transformed future look like? What will it take to transition to a food policy that delivers us a sustainable and fair food system that is better for our health, the environment, society and the economy?

The panel of experts will share their vision for radical system change and set out their views on the workable policies that are needed to achieve it. You, the global audience, will be able to pose questions and contribute to the debate.

More information and the registration are on the webinars webpage. 

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