Euro-CASE 2017 conference on cybersecurity

The Euro-CASE 2017 conference on Cybersecurity will take place from 7-8 November in Poznan, Poland.

The event is co-organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences, its Poznań Branch and Committee on Informatics, and the Poznań Supercomputing & Networking Center.

It will address the security aspects in cyberspace, paying special attention to critical infrastructures, protection of internet of things and industrial networks. Presentations and open discussions will be devoted to the national security problem and the prevention of industrial cyber espionage. Parallel sessions raising general cybersecurity issues, as well as technological aspects, have been scheduled in the conference program, in addition to plenary sessions.

Find out more about the conference on the Euro-CASE website. 

Find out more about SAPEA’s work on the topic of Cybersecurity. 

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