Vacancy for Digital Communications Officer

SAPEA currently has a vacancy for a 0.6 FTE (about three days a week) Digital Communications Officer. The post will be employed by ALLEA, the academy network that employs SAPEA communications staff.

We are seeking to strongly increase the scope and impact of our digital communications, to promote a wider understanding of our activities, support our events, and lead conversations about science and policy in a wide range of public and stakeholder audiences. The Digital Communications Officer will play a key role in proposing and creating attractive content for all our current channels (website, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, email newsletter, event streaming, podcast).

We are especially keen to support the Digital Communications Officer in developing innovative channels and methods of communication to reach new target audiences. We anticipate that this may include less ‘traditional’ social media platforms and apps. In general, we are seeking someone with creative and unexpected ideas, who can think outside the constraints of a ‘traditional’ public sector or academic communications role, while maintaining a laser-sharp focus on reaching the audiences which are relevant to our overall strategic objectives, and on maintaining the high quality of all our public outputs.

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