The SAPEA team

SAPEA Scientific Policy Officer Team

SAPEA Scientific Policy Officers are employed by the five European Academy Networks. They work with the Senior Scientific Policy Officer (SSPO).

This Scientific Policy Officer team manages SAPEA’s science-for-policy projects.

Dr Jacqueline Whyte (SSPO)
Brussels (BE)


Louise Edwards
Cardiff (UK)

Dr Céline Tschirhart
Berlin (DE)

Dr Nina Hobbhahn
Halle (DE)

Antoine Blonce 
Paris (FR)

Hannah Whittle
Brussels (BE)


SAPEA Communications Team

The communications team is responsible for communicating SAPEA’s activities and is the best point of contact for press enquiries.

Toby Wardman
Head of Communications

Brussels (BE)

Robert Vogt
Communications Officer

Berlin (DE)

Agnieszka Pietruczuk
Communications Officer

Brussels (BE)

SAPEA Coordinators

acatech (National Academy of Science and Engineering, Germany) is the coordinator of SAPEA. The team of coordinators provides administrative and logistical support for the project.

Rudolf Hielscher

Rudolf Hielscher
Coordination Team Chair
Berlin (DE)

Nasim Kroegel
EU Liaison Officer
Berlin (DE)

Dr Karen Wagner
acatech Head International Relations
Berlin (DE)

Yvonne Dinter
Berlin (DE)

Executive Directors and SAPEA support staff

The SAPEA project is also supported by the Executive Directors and/or members of the coordination team for each of the European Academy Networks, and additional staff members employed by the Networks.

Dr. David Coates
London (UK)

Matthias Johannsen
Berlin (DE)

Dr. Christiane Diehl
Halle/Saale (DE)



Laurence Legros
Brussels (BE)

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