The SAPEA Board consists of the Presidents of the 5 European Academy Networks, who work on a voluntary basis and act as a central body for decisions on joint activities within SAPEA.

Presidents of the European Academy Networks

Prof. Sierd Cloetingh
Utrecht (NL)

Prof. Antonio Loprieno
Berlin (DE)

Prof. Thierry Courvoisier
Geneva (CH)

acatech/D. Ausserhofer

Prof. Reinhard F.Hüttl
Potsdam (DE)

Prof. Bernard Charpentier
Paris (FR)



In cases when a President is not available or not able to be present at the meetings, the alternates (listed below) can represent the Presidents.

Prof. Ole Petersen
Cardiff (GB)

Prof. Ed Noort 

Groningen (NL)

Prof. Dame Helen Wallace

Prof. Jos van der Meer
Nijmegen (NL)

Dr Yves Caristan
Paris (FR)

Prof. Françoise Meunier
Brussels (BE)

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