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SAPEA is part of the European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism.

Together with the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, we provide independent scientific advice to European Commissioners to support their decision-making.

SAPEA brings together outstanding expertise from natural, applied, and social sciences and humanities, from over a hundred academies, young academies and learned societies in more than 40 countries across Europe.

We also work to raise awareness of scientific advice and evidence in policymaking, and to stimulate debate in Europe about these issues.


June 2021

A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe

There are many possible pathways towards a carbon-neutral future. Achieving it by 2050 is possible, but this requires urgent action.

But this is not just a technical challenge. To make the energy transition a reality, we need to solve a huge systemic problem, coordinating countless individual voluntary decisions on investment, consumption and behaviour across Europe.

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Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment

December 2020

Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment

Biodegradable plastics have a specific role to play in reducing the accumulation of plastics in the environment, but they are not a silver bullet.

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A sustainable food system for the EU

April 2020

A sustainable food system for the EU

How can we ensure future food security without treating people unfairly or leaving them behind?

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Science for Policy podcast

Science for Policy podcast

How far should we rely on science to make political decisions? What makes a good science advisor — or a good science advice system? What do we do when the evidence is incomplete or controversial? What happens when science advice goes wrong and how can we fix it?

The Science for Policy podcast, produced by SAPEA, explores these questions and many more in conversation with the politicians, policymakers, academics and science communicators who make science advice happen around the world.

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Science advice for energy policy: Who’s afraid of epistemic diversity?

What are the challenges in organising, generating and absorbing interdisciplinary science for policy? These key challenges of science advice, revealed by the pandemic, will be the focus of a session co-organised by SAPEA, the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors as part of the Fourth International Conference on Science […]

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